Our Jennets

We have 10 breeding jennets,


 2 retired jennet

Fox Farms Annabelle Isabelle

DOB August 14, 1993

Brown–33 inches


Mother of our older herd sire Gail’s Uncle Alton

Rancho Rhea Katrina Rasmussen

Katrina gray miniature donkey

DOB April 29, 2006

Gray–31 inches

Thunderbolt Acres Sister Mary Nativity

DOB July 2, 2004

Wooley Brown–31 inches

Gail’s Beulah May

DOB March 20, 2011

White/Brown and Gray Spotted–31 inches

Gail’s Laverne Russell

DOB April 24, 2011

White and Brown Spotted

Wooly–31 inches

Had a c-section 2021 and lost baby so she will be retired now and just live happily here on the ranch

Gail’s June Ellen

DOB April 16, 2012

Fading Black–31 inches

Gail’s Aunt Dolly Cecelia

DOB January 28, 2013

Brown/White and Gray Spotted

Wooly–31 1/2 inches

Gail’s Maggie Wheelock

Gail's Maggie Wheelock minature donkey

DOB February 27,2013

Wooly Gray/Brown–29 inches

Gail’s Alice Charlotte

DOB March 21,2017

Gray/Brown/White Spotted–29 1/2 inches

Gail’s Elle-Berry

Elle-Berry miniature donkey

DOB Sept 13,2015

Dark Brown–30 1/4 inches

Gail’s Saint Cecelia

DOB July 14.2019

Brown–19 inches at birth

Future mama

Gail’s Neva Sue Olson

DOB April 8, 2018

Dark Brown–17 inches at birth

Future mama