We have two Old English Sheepdogs

Vernon Joe Gaylord

Gaylord talking to CeCe
Gaylord’s baby picture
gaylord the sheepdog
Teenage Gaylord with old buddy, Dooley

Sir Richard LeRoy Carla

Sir Richard

Both Boys are from Sapphire Eyes Old English Sheepdogs in Oregon

Dogs in Memory

Dooley Montana

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Dooley, Montana was where my Dad was born

Little Acorn Annie

(Dooleys Girlfriend)

Acorn with her first litter  3-28-10


In Memory of our beloved Stewart

He lived to be 10 years old

Stewart was a Komondor AKA Hungarian Sheepdog

We will never forget him


Stewart the Noodle-Boy

In Memory of Our beloved Olde English Sheepdog

“Not Too Likely”

We miss him so much

Likely, was 16 years old  when he died.

Likely tells Stewie to get down

Stewie and Likely in the snow 2002

Stewie and Carollynn watching TV

Stewie out in the yard, making sure all is well.

Stewart and Likely having a fun day