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  Also Known as the African Pygmy Goat Information Network

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Pygmy Goats are friendly when they want to be and always comical if you have a good sense of humor. Sometimes they will do things that you don't necessarily think is cute but it is rather difficult to train them to stop doing goat things, But it is not impossible, because after all a goat does have an I.Q. of 60. By goat things I mean, like jumping on your car, pulling your clothes off your clothes line, or eating your favorite rose bush. Of course they do these things only because they are curious, not because they don't like you. You can however, goat-proof your yard and everyone will be happy.

All in all goats do make really nice pets, and I know that you would enjoy having some. I say some because goats are herd animals and are not happy unless they have a friend. Does not necessarily have to be another goat but they do prefer them.


wpe1F.jpg (11370 bytes)     Housing

A sturdy, well ventilated, draft-free barn is a must for your pygmy goat. They really hate to sleep outside in the cold months and they actually panic if it rains on them. Without these qualities in your barn there is a chance that your animal will become ill.



I feed my pygmies, alfalfa hay. They also receive a little grain about three times a week. Too much grain can ferment in your goats belly and cause a painful death. We also give them fruits, vegetables, bread, leaves etc. Do not give your animals, onions, house plants, oleander, rhododendrons, or any bulb plants, for these are poisonous to them. Depending on where you live, you will need to supplement with a vitamin salt mixture. Ask your vet.

Things that are poisonous to goats are: house plants, bulb type plants, oleander, caster bean, rhododendron, and onions.

wpe22.jpg (5739 bytes)   Health Care

Vaccinations-Annual CD&T with Tetnus.

Hoof care-Trim hooves every 2-3 months as needed.

Lice control-Use any livestock lice powder as needed.

Worming-Every 4-6 months with any livestock paste wormers, except for pig wormers, which can be dangerous.

Breeding  wpe23.jpg (5513 bytes)

Please wait until your females are 1 year old before you breed her, or you really could have problems, she is not fully developed any earlier. Females can have their first heat cycle as early as 2 months old, and the males are actually fertile at 2 months old. So separation after this age is a must.  The females have a heat cycle every 18-23 days and stay in heat for 3 days. They have a 5 month gestation period.

Have Any Questions?

 ask Professor Goat

 I am sorry, but I no longer raise or sell any pygmy goats

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