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Each donkey is fully vaccinated, wormed, hooves trimmed & they come with a halter, lead & instruction booklet.

All of our donkeys are registered, Micro-chipped and come with a vaccination record, medical history and current registration

Please note that donkeys are herd animals and are not happy living alone. They need another donkey friend.

Therefore we will not sell a donkey to a home where there are no other equines (donkeys, horses or mules).


Jennets Bred for 2016

Annelle Keeter 32"- Dark Brown--Baby born Feb 9 2016--Spotted male--Sold

 Sister Mary Nativity 31"-brown wooley-Baby born March 11 2016--brown male--Sold


Laverne-spotted wooley 32"--Due  July 29 , 2016-- Bred to Jumpin Jack --31"--FSW White

June Ellen-black 31"--Due August 9 , 2016-- Bred to Jumpin Jack --31"--FSW White

Ive Mae-brown 30 1/2"--Due August 18 , 2016-- Bred to Billy--30" faded black

Aunt Lois-brown 31"--Due August 25, 2016-- Bred to Billy--30" faded black

Aunt Dolly-spotted wooley31 1/2"--Due September 18, 2016 --Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray

Jennets Bred for 2017

Katrina 31"-Gray-Due March 1, 2017 --Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray

Licorice  32 1/2"-Black-Due March 16, 2017 --Bred to Jumpin Jack--31"-- FSW White

Hansine  30 1/2"-Brn Roan-Due April 3, 2017 --Bred to Jumpin Jack--31"-- FSW White

Donkeys for Sale Below


Donkeys recently sold below

Gail's Duckie JR

Sold to Suzanne and Steve

DOB. February 9 2016

Tri-spotted Male Foal

Birth Height: 22"

Dam: Gail's Annelle Keeter 32" Dark Brown

Sire: Gail's Jumpin Jack --31"--FSW White

duckie jr 1


Duckie's Dad- Jumpin Jack Flash 31"


Gail's Ike

Named after a dear friend who left this earth in 2014

DOB. September 12, 2014

Gray/Brown Jack Foal

Birth Height: 21"

Dam: Sister Mary Nativity 31"  Brown

Sire: Gail's Uncle Alton--31"--Br/Gray

Sold with Mike


He is such a snuggler too 


This is my dad-Gail's Uncle Alton--31"


Gail's Mike

Named after a Truck driver friend who left this earth in 2014

DOB. November 5, 2014

Silver Gray Jack Foal

Birth Height: 19"

Dam: Beulah May 31" Spotted

Sire: Jumpin Jack --31"--FSW White

Sold with Ike


Inger Johanna

DOB. August 30, 1999

Silver Gray Jennet

Height: 32"



Gail's Ernest of Los Molinos

Sold to Italy at "Italy's Itty Bitty Ranch"

DOB. April 10, 2013

Brown Jack Foal

Birth Height: 21"

Dam: T/A Goldie Mae-31"- Brown

Sire: Gail's Uncle Alton--31"--Br/Gray

Ernest and Italy Having a Happy day


This is Ernest's dad-Gail's Uncle Alton--31"

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