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Our Jennets

We have 12 breeding jennets,

1 future breeding jennet


 1 retired jennet

Fox Farms Annabelle Isabelle

DOB Aug 14 1993

Brown--33 inches


Rancho Rhea Hansine

DOB April 13 2004

Brown Roan--30 1/2

Thunderbolt Acres Sister Mary Nativity

DOB July 2 2004

Brown--31 inches

Thunderbolt Acres Goldie May


DOB Oct 3 2004

Brown--31 1/4 inches

Rancho Rhea Katrina Rasmussen

DOB April 29 2006

Gray--31 inches

Rancho Rhea Black Licorise

DOB May 16, 2008

Black--32 1/2 inches

Gail's Beulah May

DOB March 20, 2011

White/brown and gray spotted

31 inches

Gail's Ivie Mae

DOB March 22, 2011

Brown--30 1/2 inches

Gail's Aunt Lois

DOB April 7, 2011

Brown--31 inches

Gail's Laverne Russell

DOB April 24, 2011

White and Brown Spotted

Wooly--Brown--32 inches

Gail's June Ellen

DOB April 16 2012

Gray--31 inches

Gail's Aunt Dolly Cecelia

DOB January 28, 2013

Brown/ white and gray spotted

Wooley--Brown--31 1/2 inches

Gail's Maggie Wheelock

DOB February 27, 2013

Gray/brown--29 inches

Gail's Alice Charlotte

DOB March 21, 2017


Future Mama




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