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Welcome to our web site. 
Thank-You for coming. I hope you enjoy yourself.


 Miniature Donkeys for sale

We have

8 Donkeys bred for 2016 Babies

See List on our sale page

Ranch News

One of our Sweet donkeys, Chiquita Juanita, has gone to live at

Oakland's Children's Fairyland in Oakland California

It is a wonderful nostalgic type of children's playground, where they have several events all year including, theatre shows, sleep-overs, puppet shows, birthday parties etc.

Please check it out and take your kids there, Say Hi to Chiquita for us.


See Video Below of our 2011 Babies  




You are welcome to come visit our animals in person.

We are located in Sunny Northern California


We are no longer raising or selling any goats.

We just have 2 pet goats of our own now

Our Goal is: To share our animals, our friendship and our knowledge.

Your comments and questions are encouraged, 

Don't forget to check out all of our pages, 

I'm sure there will be something 

that interests you. 

If you don't find what you are looking for

 Just E-mail Professor Goat    

Professor Goat can answer many Goat or Donkey Questions

However, if this is an emergency, please call your vet or

 Call me: 530-384-1318

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We are located in Sunny Northern California-100 miles North of Sacramento, right off of interstate 5






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8311 Marek Road Los Molinos, California 96055


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